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Balthasar's devblog

Welcome to my blog, I am Bal, an indie developer, here I post updates related to the games I make, thank you for your visit.

I am allso the admin of DoujinChan an imageboard for the discussion of indie games



Finally, here’s a demo if you want to try my game

Usable characters: 4 (REIMU’S TEAM ONLY)

Duration: 30 minutes aprox

Genre: RPG/Shooter

The game mechanics are complex, pay attention to the instructions on your abilities and limitations.


There’s a conspiracy in Gensokyo! Strange particles appeared in the air while residents started to dissapear, Reimu went to investigate the incident.

There are OCs from fans used as NPCs, if you want more details check the readme file.

Feel free to give some feedback and critics.

Thanks everyone for the support, and if you like it, share it :J

Mystic seal is presented by Patchy Illusion Team:

Website(walktrough and tips included):

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    [Riki]: High quality and worth every Yen! [[And here is the reason Riki is in the game and working as a merchant selling...
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    Kick ass demo. Can’t wait for the full thing.
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    Sorry for the late answer, thank you very much for your thoughts! This helps me a lot! I wasn’t aware of the bug in the...
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    ((AHHH YAY IT’S OUT Okay, I finished playing it already, and it’s fun. 8DDD There’s obviously alot of effort poured into...
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    (So this is out. I played it. And its really good. This wears my personal seal of approval, if you’re interested in...
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